Wait for the presence of Motor Scooters Similar to Lambretta

Latest news from the manufacturer of motorcycles motorcycle yeng come from the UK that is Scomadi. Which is where the manufacturer is expanding to a number of areas located in Southeast Asia. The expansion has been marked by the introduction of a new factory located in Thailand.

“In the construction of the Scomadi Thailand plant, 80 percent of its shares are owned by Thai businessmen, while the rest is held by Scomadi,” as quoted from Paultan on Wednesday 01/03.

Scomadi caught his Chinese counterparts making scooters using the exact same model, and after that the factory was built. With sales of the Motor made to a number of countries, making the original product from scomadi decreased.Lambretta new 2017

Please note, that Scomadi is a Scuter Motor Company that has stood since 2005 ago. In addition the manufacturer is also known as a manufacturer of motor scooter maker that has a form similar to Lambretta. Very different from the Vespa, because the Scomadi more emphasis on the speed of the machine on each product it has.

Not only the manufacture of factories are made scomadi, it also established a new company that serves to assist sales of scomadi Motor to several countries of Southeast Asia such as Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Well we just wait Motor scooter from scomadi who will go to Indonesia.

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