How To Download Facebook Videos

How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is the king of social networks, the place where most people live their virtual life and show them to the public. As well as one of the places on the Internet where there are more multimedia content as a whole, as one of the busiest. Millions of users visit Facebook every day, leaving photos, messages, comments and videos whether using mobile with Android and iOS, and PCs running Windows and others.

There are very interesting content on this social network, which for many has almost replaced the TV for information and entertainment jakartacopy. For this reason, users increasingly want to download Facebook videos so that they can bring social, social media events, and offline content to their PCs user, notebooks, or mobile devices. However, it is not easy to take video from the social network and rely on resources outside it.

To let you bring all the video content that you see on the web with you, once you’ve presented the guide on how to download YouTube videos, we’ll introduce you another useful guide to illustrate all the best ways to download Facebook videos.usually the 16 GB USB flash drives are the most used ones because they have the best value for money but there are so many.

How To Download Facebook Videos Facebook Mobile


This is the easiest way to download Facebook videos, without the need for applications, sites, or any other type of social network service. Simply use the mobile version of the social network, the one that is usually used by smartphones and tablets. By opening this version via PC, you will be able to unlock the option to automatically download Facebook videos in the context menu.

To do this you need to link to the version of the Facebook Mobile site by clicking on this link or simply adding m. Before and That’s when it is enough to open any page where the video is located. You will then need to right-click on the video (or press and hold if you are using a touchscreen) to make the context menu appear, and then click Save Video As, select the folder and press Save. If you can not find the video on the mobile version of the social network, navigate to the video page in the PC version and the address URL on the address bar directly replaced by www with m.

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