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Golf Tips – Finding That Winning Grip And The Cures For Grip Related Problems

The right grip is a key fundamental component of a golfer’s game and is required to have a consistently good straight game, giving you the ability to shoot low scores easily.

It is therefore essential for your game that your grip is correct if you want to take your golf to the next level.

Your thumb should be pointing down the grip, slightly to the right of center.

Then bring in the perfect hand, firstly interlock the little finger of the right hand with the forefinger of your left hand. The bottom of the grip should be placed on the joints of the second and third fingers of the perfect hand. Your right thumb should also be pointing down the grip, while your right palm should be facing towards the target with your left hand facing away from the goal.

Two V’s should be shaped by the thumb and forefinger of each hand, so these should both point somewhere between your right shoulder and eyes.

When holding the club, the club must be held securely but with the minimal of effort. Having the correct grip allows your hands to work freely with the utmost control as a poor grip results in a lack of club head control.

Key Points:

  • Your arms and hands are relaxed.
  • Your left forefinger is related with the little finger of right hand, 2 or 3 knuckles should be visible.
  • The V’s made from the forefinger and thumb on each hand should point be too involving your right shoulder and eyes. These V’s should be pretty much parallel to each other.
  • The grip ought to be comfortable yet held securely with very little effort, it is vital that the golf club head doesn’t open or close on impact.

To test that you’ve got a good grip, it should feel like both the hands work together like one. When you lift the bar and move it, your palms must feel comfortable and protected.

Problems and cures for slightly faulty grips: You may discover that you’re slicing the ball; this might be because of a problem with your grip, (although it could possibly be a result of other reasons mentioned in my other article which aims to fix the slice) try rotating your grip slightly clockwise around the clasp; also try holding the club more in the hands of your left hand.

If you have issues with hooking the ball, make a conscious effort to feel the ends of the fingers on the right hand pushing upward through impact with the ball. This should help keep you from closing the clubface in effect and so helps prevent you from hitting on the ball.

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