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Kissmetrics – Best Tool for Calculating Social Media’s ROI

Are you struggling to determine an accurate Return Of Investment (ROI) in your social media marketing? The social media ROI is quite difficult to quantify.

Wondering which social media campaigns are most profitable from your business?
Social media has now become one marketing channel that parallels print and electronic media.
To prove that investing in social media is really useful, you have to measure how social media affects every interaction with your business clients.

Best Tool for Calculating Social Media's ROI

It is important to know whether the money you have invested in your social media marketing has provided a reasonable return.

In this article, you’ll find 5 tools to help you accurately and thoroughly measure your social media’s ROI.
The following five tools help you measure your social media’s ROI.

Kissmetrics as a TOOL calculates the social media ROI

Kissmetrics is an analytics platform designed to optimize marketing success and ROI. This Tool lets you track individuals, groups of individuals alike, and your users as a whole during their visits to your website.

People are tracked anonymously on the first visit, then through multiple visits and conversions, and even after they leave and come back.

This is a great tool for evaluating customer behavior and ROI.

You can create groups of people who take certain actions and evaluate their behavior on your website.
The stand-out feature of Kissmetrics is it noted when users leave the website and return, and what they do when they get back.

You can track ROI from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any website, and attribute the conversion to the correct social media channel, allowing you to track your entire customer cycle more accurately.
This, in turn, will provide valuable information about ROI, and lets you see which ad sources actually work and convert. Read also 10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Business 2017 to Saving Time.

Kissmetrics has detailed reporting on revenue that tells you the estimated value of your Customer Lifetime Value, total revenue can be set within a certain time period, and average daily churn rate.
Free Trial from Kissmetrics is available when you first sign up. After that, paln know the package starting from $ 120 per month. A / B Testing reports are available on the Power Plan, which is currently $ 600 per month.