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Louis Vuitton Shoes, Autumn Winter 2014-2015 Collection

Louis Vuitton Shoes, Autumn Winter 2014-2015 Collection

The Louis Vuitton collection for the fall winter season 2014-2015 opens up under the sign of a major change; The art direction of the house goes into the hands of Nicolas Guesquière and marks a remarkable difference with Marc Jacobs’s recent management. The touch of Guesquière is immediately noticeable in modern, peculiar forms, somehow a revolution for Vuitton.

The coolest seasons can not do without boots and Vuitton has it for everyone boot ankle boots, boots over the knee, amphibians, moonboot, there is a great choice. The boot ankles are offered with a rounded tip and a 4cm heel, but also with a bent stiletto heel. The moonboot in fur, in dark colors, will be perfect for winter days and snow holidays  sevva. The Fans, who have come back for some season, find another way to be reinvented, with the addition of an important and distinctive plateau. The decolleté could not be left out, even in winter. They go back to the tips and take off the prints, without forgetting the more classic tones like black.

Stylish men’s, oxford and slippers shoes are unique to jewelery applications. Sandals, replicated in this collection for special occasions, are the models that are more faithful to the style of the maison, with classic shapes and sober colors. The Vuitton Monogram is unmatched on some models, an indispensable tradition for many brand lovers. Materials, when it comes to Vuitton, can only be unique and of great value, such as skins, especially reptile, used to create boot and boot ankles.If you love lightweight racing sneakers, you can choose from Converse Aukland Racer models that combine the functionality of a sports shoe and the beauty of a trendy shoe that the brand has become accustomed to over the years.

Among the most interesting and original fantasies there are certainly the many combinations of colorful animal prints leopard, zebra, giraffe and even the limited edition python print with leather strings. Very beautiful also geometric fantasies, camouflage prints, floral fantasies and extravagant vintage style models or hip hooded shoe patterns. In addition to the All Star beloved, the Pro Leather models with high ankle high top shoes are also interesting Available in zebra, leopard and camouflage, with the famous Star Converse brand on the side.

Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircut is a perfect trim for almost any face construction and almost any hairdo. Like short and long span haircut, medium length cuts are design general. There are considerable of hairdo trends for short and long hair but designs that combine with long span hair cannot do nicely on short hair. On the other hand, moderate haircuts are such that and virtually all designs can mix whether those are not general for short hair or for long hair. This says the type of haircut undoubtedly has more extensive choices of trims and fashions to select from. Following are a few of the fashionable hairstyles for medium length haircuts:


Layers seem fantastic on any hair length including moderate trim. When done on medium length hairstyle in fact layers could be more charming, appealing and versatile. In this span layers are cut in ways that provides clear framing to facial features and the facial structure. Depending on taste and personal choice there’s of layering choices with this span hair assortment.



Moderate length hair holds than long hair does curl better and much more. It frames the facial arrangement of an individual giving a look that is glossy and soft. With all its sophistication and beauty, curls add volume and bounce particularly in the sides as well as the rear. The curved construction of the design makes it best suited for those who’ve long face contours.


Right Cut

Straight trim is an easy flow down hairdo that looks spectacular on moderate length hair. Only a free flow down of the hair provides credibility and simplicity. It gives a look that is pleasant and brilliant when joined with bangs, waves, ringlets, peripheries, or curls in the base.

How To Wear Jeans In The Office: Style Tips To Avoid Mistakes

How To Wear Jeans In The Office: Style Tips To Avoid Mistakes

How to wear jeans in the office, practical tips to make elegant and glamorous item of our favorite outfits and show it off even at work.

Jeans are an essential garment for all women but, on occasion, we think we have to give up their use. The workplace is one such occasion, especially if we do a desk job. In fact, jeans are a great piece of clothing for the office, it is important to match them well and choose the right models.

The models of jeans to choose from for the office are mainly those basic, without particular applications and of single color Darker jeans, such as black and blue, are perfect and much more discreet than light models, faded or torn, but even the most elaborate jeans can be worn to the office, if you are not too flashy.

It is important to approach the right clothes to jeans. The white blouse is a must: practical, elegant, refined, is comfortable with each model of jeans and gives any kind of physical. Even candid and embroidered T-shirts can be paired with jeans for the look in the office, but also more special mesh, such as a floral print. The animal, to liven up the look, it just has to choose from for accessories like scarves or small belts.

The jacket is what really make your look unique. Choose blazer that highlight your forms, you stock up and try to change colors and patterns: you will always have a different look with the same jeans. Do not forget the heels: the jeans in the office must absolutely be combined with cleavage, sandals or boots with heels important, not to look too sporty. Other accessories must be approached with care: if your outfit is colorful, do not overdo it with the tones of the bag and with the size of the jewelry. Conversely, if the look is minimalist, enlivened the image precisely using these accessories. Remember also to pay attention to makeup and hairstyle: a bun is always right!

But if you can not help but color does not miss the proposals of Delfina Delettrez, Aurelie Bidermann and Vicki Sarge. Extravagant and unusual even earrings Givenchy and Lanvin, but do not be scared because even Topshop, H & M and Accessorize have proposed mono-earrings low cost definitely fascinating.

Discover the most beautiful earrings single winter 2015 in our gallery.

Keen Hiking Boots Background Story and Technology

Keen hiking boots are part of Keen’s product lines. Keen has itself a background story of hybrid innovation. Established in 2003, Keen started with its inspired sandal design which mixed comfort and toe protection. With their philosophy of hybrid innovation – striving to create new possibilities and to discover and implement original ideas – Keen made their radical design departure.

Keen hiking boots, hence other products, place a highlighting on the joys of play while at the same time believing in the value of working hard to return to the community. Accordingly, in pursuing those objectives, this company also have partnership work with non-profit organizations around the globe in order to help get youth into outdoors, protect the environment, and more specifically give bikes to the kids in need.

American built

Keen hiking boots are American built. This means that Keen is proud to be a part of footwear provider in the USA in one of America’s most modern factories. They collect the finest materials from around the globe and carry out the final and most critical steps of assembly in Portland. Even though their products are not 100% scratching in America, Keen has focus on delivering the most innovative, high quality products.

Finest materials from around the globe

Keen is a global manufacturer and distributor of footwear for lifestyle and performance. This company has some manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and North America, therefore making their products from materials and component gathered from all around the world.

Portland plant

In their Portland factory, Keen is now manufacturing more than 20 styles. They have commitment to continuously increase the quantity and range of their local production more especially over the next few seasons.

KEEN Effect

A commitment to inspire responsible outdoor participation in order to help  protect and conserve the environment, the land and places we all play. Keen grants $10,000 to non-profit organizations with dedication to responsible outdoor participation.

Who Really Uses Keens Work Boots

keens work boots 2

keens work boots 2

There are two sorts of cowboy boots. Men’s cowboy boots arrive in such a selection of different styles, colours and various sorts of material that it’s rather hard to settle on which pair to buy. They are more expensive than normal shoes. They come in a wide range of heel heights from almost flat to several inches tall. There are a number of reasons to purchase wholesale cowboy boots, most importantly being for your personal business. If you are prepared to locate inexpensive cowboy boots for women then you must do some thorough research. If you’re searching for women’s black cowboy boots, among the above will most likely be a choice for oneself or as a present to quite a lucky lady.

Whenever you have purchased your very first pair of boots, you may want to understand which clothes you are able to wear them with. A great pair of boots isn’t a inexpensive investment. Locating a excellent looking pair of womens fashion cowboy boots has changed into a whole lot easier through the debut of the world wide web.

The boots you opt for has to be hardy, but it’s advisable if this doesn’t show. Nonetheless, boots made from suede continue to be quite popular on account of the comfort they offer. These boots are not just stylish, and take advantage of innovative technology, they’re also very comfortable. If you want keens work boots that may go with almost any outfit and you would like to put in a special and enjoyable touch to any wardrobe, you can rely on Justin boots.

Well, it’s most likely the sexy knee-high shoes. Child’s moccasin footwear is quite attractive and you ought to enable the children pick some personally. You will have durable footwear which is going to be a favourite portion of your wardrobe for decades. It’s the shoes that complete an outstanding outfit.

Boots have existed for centuries. It should feel like they fit initially. It have been around for a long time. Boots are an essential item for cowboys. Boots are the vital portion of several famous and popular looks. It are suited to many types of dress, but the style of boot may vary depending on the particular style of clothes.

A comfortable boot may be the ideal solution. Desert boots meet all 3 qualities outlined in the past sentence, plus much more besides. These boots are now a significant fashion symbol now. Mexican boots are a bit more expensive than the customary leather boots. They come in a variety of widths as well. Genuine leather boots could possibly be somewhat expensive, but they definitely provide you with more value for the money.

With a very long history of over 200 decades, UGG boots have developed into various styles, sizes and colours. Even though you are purchasing the ugg boots makes sure which you’re choosing the actual ugg boot. In the last several years, the ugg boot has come to be among the hottest items in the style accessory. Ugg boots have been able to attain this feat. Clearly, each girl must individual Ugg boots inside their normal colour.

Because boots don’t have laces, correct fit is about the instep. These particular boots are offered in a few different styles too. If there’s a particular boot or style you require, please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to assist.

Make Up Inspired By The European Football 2016

Make Up Inspired By The European Football 2016

Make up inspired by the European Championships in football in 2016 Football 2016 Europeans are played this year in France from June 10 to July 10. Therefore, if you too are a passionate real football, you can cheer your favorite team sporting a makeup that does not go unnoticed. Discover then what are the trendy beauty products to achieve a make up from supporter!

The make-up trends in 2016 to show off this summer dedicated to the sport To be trendy be inspired by the colors of the national playing this year the European Football Championship 2016! This summer, in fact, make up the colors to choose from are definitely those vivid and not coincidentally the latest collections make up for the 2016 Summer link all the color from yellow to green, from red to very particular shade of blue and blue .

So, if you also want to be clever, you can achieve a make up inspired by the European football championships focusing mainly on eye makeup. In particular, you can choose the color and shimmer eye shadows to your make up to be passionate about football of course, you can play on the eyes red flag, green and white, but you can also choose the colors of the French flag, given that Europeans quest ‘ year are played in France. Alternatively you can opt out of a completely blue eyes make you remember precisely the Italian National Team!

Among suitable to realize the makeup beauty products for the summer 2016 inspired by the European Football Championship, we undoubtedly super-pigmented eye shadows Sephora Colorful Line (in yellow ocher, green and deep blue shimmer). To illuminate the eye can also choose colored eye pencils Sephora proposals in different shades or colored eyeliner Essence and Collistar. In conjunction with the eye makeup, you can achieve a make up lips with a light lipstick or red, but if you intend to make the protagonist’s mouth can also play on the lips the flag of your favorite team!

Of course, even for the nails you can make a soccer nail art you can create on your nails tricolor flags of participating nations to Euro 2016 or more simply draw on the nails of the traditional checkered ball. In short, manicured theme Europeans sees balloons, cups, numbers and links protagonists of nail art!

To realize the nail art inspired by Euro 2016 will do the color glazes suitable (green, white and red to cheer Italy), but also yellow, blue, black, red and so on cheer for other teams! Among those to choose from are undoubtedly the Chanel and Essie nail, but you can also opt for glittery colored enamels.