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Tiny Kitchen Should Not Be Crowded

In fact, a small kitchen can be more efficient, effective and saves energy because it does not make us have to and fro while cooking. The kitchen is an important practical and effective, which is able to coordinate activities between the cook and cook well. Do not get overwhelmed when we cook, for example, the location of the stove or pans out of reach.

Therefore, regardless of its range, the kitchen must provide storage areas, preparation, and cooking. Thus, the refrigerator for storing food, kitchen table (top table) and sink (washing) for a cooking preparation, stove, and kitchen sets to store cookware and eating and drinking, is a device that must exist in the kitchen.

At the I-shaped kitchen (single line), storage area, preparation, and cooking can be made continuously from left to right or vice versa. We can use to cook stove (gas or electric) portable two practical furnace. While in the kitchen L models, storage and preparation areas can be put in the field longer, shorter field to place the stove.

While the kitchen set is made under and on top of the storage area, preparation, and cooking. Due to the limited size of the kitchen, it is important take into account not only the model and color of kitchen sets that do not make a narrow sense, but also the size, model, and type of cookware and eating and drinking to be saved.

Be sure also to be stored only equipment that is necessary so that the kitchen is not crowded by the kitchen set. The kitchen also should be bright and have adequate openings. Although the small kitchen still have to get good air circulation, not to be stuffy. Here are some examples of small kitchen design that can be your inspiration.

Tiny and Luxury. U-shaped tiny kitchen set can also be applied in a small kitchen, as seen in the kitchen at this apartment. In addition to cooking and washing area that became one as well as storage areas, mini bars made as a service area or a place to eat for two people. To make it look spacious pantry dominated by bright white color, equipped with a vertical glass door mini bars.

Elegant Black & White. White kitchen design is effective as a strategy makes the display look spacious kitchenette. The important thing diligently cleaning cabinet. To streamline the room, dining counter made in the form of a small bar on the kitchen table L models. While at the top of the cooking area made of high storage cabinet.

Optimal and not Shortness. Storage area is designed in the form of cabinet top-down one line (in the studio type apartment 27 m2) or letter L (on a two-room apartment type 51 m2). Placed beside a dining table and a place to study or dining table four chairs on the two types of rooms. To get around the narrow tabletop, selected two furnace induction cooker flats.


Small but relieved. L model kitchen is placed next to the house. Lack of access in and out of the door and open and close the windows allow air circulation in the kitchen went well. In addition to the cabinet, bright colors are also applied to the walls of the bar. To avoid monotony wall of the timber layer is made protruding portion that displays a unique accent.