• Tidal Currents
    Tidal Currents Our classroom is the beautiful and sometimes treacherous waters of the Salish Sea.
  • Destination Paddling
    Destination Paddling Dont just limit your imagination to the Pacific Northwest. The entire Pacific Coast Could be with in your reach.
  • Expedition Planning
    Expedition Planning This is Expedition Planning for the whole Family
  • Cape Flattery
    Cape Flattery Learn the skills to take you to remote and magical destinations.
  • Surf Zone Survival
    Surf Zone Survival Learning skills, & gaining confidence in coastal surf will open many new paddling experiences.
  • Currents Rips & Rapids
    Currents Rips & Rapids Come to Deception Pass and learn how to manage current streams.
  • Cattle Pass Currents
    Cattle Pass Currents Once you are comfortable in Deception Pass, then we will take you to Cattle Pass to experience a different Tidal Race.
  • A Rock Solid Foundation
    A Rock Solid Foundation Mastering the basic strokes is the foundation for all classes to come.
  • Incident Management
    Incident Management Knowing what to do and when it needs to get done is vital when paddling in a coastal environment.

Advanced Strokes II

Years ago we played the sea in WW boats and seriously playful sea kayaks of the day. Today, boats are being designed for strictly sea play, but the skills of most sea kayakers don't have what it takes to handle them. In this class we take the final step in boat control specifically focusing on the skills needed to control today's sea play boats. This class takes off where Advanced Strokes I leaves off.A WW boat or your loose sea play boat is the tool for this class.      Call 206-321-0011 to register.

Prerequisites- Directional Control and Advanced Strokes I, 10 hours of focused practice. Your sea play or WW boat and paddle as well as your full play kit.

Course Descriptions

Learning how to paddle a sea kayak correctly and efficiently is a choice, like anything else. Engaging in a physical activity such as tennis, golf, martial arts, or kayaking can be done by simply picking up the tools of the sport and hacking your way along. To swing a racquet, a club, or paddle a Sea Kayak with some skill actually takes a great deal more than you might think. We have years of experience, training, and out of the box thinking to produce a higher standard of skills training. You can choose to get better much faster as my students have, get instruction elsewhere, or just hack along.



What's new?

Upcoming Classes!!!!
AdvancedStrokes II -Sea Play Boats - 14 March 2015
Advanced Strokes Applied - 15 March 2015
California/Oregon Coastal Play  - 5-11 April 2015
Surf Zone  Basics - 25 April 2015
Surf Zone Total Control - 26 April 2015
Impact Zone Survival - 17-19 July 2015
Vancouver Island Expedition - August 2015
Call 206-321-0011 to register.

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