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Carrots and ham quiche recipe

This carrot-ham quiche is made with a yeast dough ground, which gives the Quiche a particularly fine rustic taste.
This carrot quiche tastes best when it is freshly eaten from the oven, just a bit chilled. But it still tastes good again the next day.

This carrot-ham quiche can also be frozen in pieces and re-served on another occasion.

Ingredients: for 12 pieces

For the yeast dough bottom:

  • 21 g fresh yeast (1/2 cubes)
  • Or 7 g of dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 3 tbsp of lukewarm milk


  • 250 g of flour type 405
  • salt
  • 1 egg size M
  • 80 ml of lukewarm milk
  • 50 g of soft butter

For carrot-ham covering:

  • 600 g fresh carrots unpeeled
  • 150 g cooked ham without fat edge

For the cast:

  • 3 Eggs Gr. M
  • 150 g cream fraîche (30% fat)
  • Or acidic cream (10% fat)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • salt
  • 1 large knife tip ginger ground
  • 1 large knife tip Chilipulver
  • Freshly ground white pepper
  • 1 tsp foodstuffs
  • A medium-sized cedar coriander
  • Or fresh leaf parsley


For the preparation of this recipe carrot-ham quiche first make a simple yeast dough.
For this, the fresh yeast is lightly crumbled with 1 tsp sugar and 3 tbsp lukewarm milk and covered in a warm place for about 15 minutes.

During this time, fill the flour into a baking dish. In the middle of the flour with the hand a depression.
Heat 80 ml of milk together with the butter until lukewarm.

Spread a little salt around the edge of the flour.

Sprinkle the yeast mix, which has now foamed, into the flour dough and knead together with the lukewarm milk / butter mixture and 1 egg, either with the kneading hooks from the electric hand mixer or with the kitchen machine, a smooth, not too firm yeast dough.
When the yeast dough has loosened well from the bowl wall, take it briefly out of the bowl and knead together with some flour with your hands.

Then place the dough again in the baking dish and loosely covered with foil, over a kitchen towel lying in a warm place until the dough volume has doubled.

During this time prepare the covering for the quiche.
Peel the carrots with a peeler, then slice them with the cucumber slices.
Then place the carrot slices in lightly salted boiling water, boil once more, then boil for another 3 minutes.
Strain the carrots through a sieve, rinse with cold water and drain in the strainer.
Cut 150 g of cooked ham into small cubes.
From the washed, slightly dry shaken coriander, or alternatively leaf parsley, cut the leaflets from the stalks and cut them into strips.

For the pouring of carrots Quiche:
3 Sprinkle eggs with the snowbuck.
Spices, foodstuffs and a little less salt (consider the salt content of the ham) and stir well.
Cream fraîche or, if desired, also add the sour cream with the chopped herbs and stir in.

Remove the yeast dough, which has now come out of the bowl.
With both hands squeeze a little from the air, briefly knead with the hands and roll the yeast dough with the noodle wood to the size of a jumping mold with a diameter of 26 cm, so that you can form a slightly higher edge of dough all around.

Heat the oven to 190 ° C, while inserting the oven grate in the lower third of the baking tube.

Place the carrot slices on the yeast dough. Sprinkle the ham cubes over it.

Just before inserting into the oven, pour the prepared mixture over the carrot hammock and place it on the oven grate in the lower area of ​​the jug.

Bake at 190 ° C with an upper / lower heat for about 40 – 45 minutes. To prevent the carrot quiche from becoming brown on the top, cover it with baking paper in the last 10 minutes.

Freshly baked, still good warm serve.

This recipe is very easy to try if you want another I suggest to make original recipes from Indonesia like resep masakan indonesia.

Linsensalat in a glass recipe

This lentil salad served in the glass tastes good fine. You can enjoy the lentil salad either in the glass as an intermediate meal or for dinner or as an obligatory starter in 6 – 8 slightly smaller serving glasses.

Ingredients for 4 persons

  • 300 g of dried lenses (Belugalinsen Swabian Alblins etc.)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 red peppers


  • 80 g Mozzarella goat or sheep’s cheese

For the salad dressing:

  • 1 medium red onion
  • 4 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
  • salt
  • 1 large knife tip Chilipulver
  • ½ tsp Ras el Hanout spice mixture
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 heaped el sour cream or sour cream

For garnishing:

  • Coriander green or basil leaflets


For the preparation of this recipe lens sausage in the glass, the provided lenses should first be washed in cold water. In the case of the lens type make sure that the lenses retain their shape even after cooking, which always succeeds with Belugalinsen, Puy lenses and Swabian Alblinsen.
Peel the lentils through a sieve and boil together with fresh cold water, without salt, in a cooking pot.
Subsequently, with a slightly reversed heating step, depending on the lens type in 20 – 30 minutes to soft, but still bite in the bite still lightly crunchy lenses. Just after 20 minutes the lenses cost.

Strain the lentils, let them drip briefly, into a salad bowl. Sprinkle with some salt and black pepper.

Wash a red crisp paprika, halve, remove the core casing and light skins, cut the pod into smaller cubes and mix with the lentils.

For the salad dressing:
Cut a medium-sized peeled red onion into small cubes.
Together with vinegar, salt, pepper, chilipulver and Ras el Hanout (oriental spice mixture) into a narrow mixing bowl or other vessel.
Mix the whole thing with the bar mixer, the salad sauce now assumes a reddish color from the onions.
Finally, stir the sour cream or sour cream, stir briefly with the rinse bar, pour over the linens salad and submerge.

If desired, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, sheep’s cheese or feta cut into very small cubes and sprinkle on the salad.
Allow to cool for about 1 hour.

Personally, I find this lentil tastes particularly aromatic and tastes much better when it gets to go through overnight.

Arrange the lentils in the glass before serving with fresh coriander green, parsley or basil.

This recipe is very easy to try if you want another I suggest to make original recipes from Indonesia like resep masakan sederhana.

Understanding the Causes, Symptoms and How to Overcome Mine Worm Disease

Hookworm disease is common in areas with tropical and subtropical climates. This disease can occur as a result of contact with soil contaminated by hookworm.

Migration from the Skin into the Body
Hookworm infection occurs when larvae or hookworms present on contaminated soil migrate to the body through the skin. Larvae that enter the skin may be carried by the bloodstream and into the respiratory tract to the lungs.

Then the hookworm larvae that move toward the esophagus can be ingested, then live and grow in the small intestine into the form of adult hookworm, so it can cause the occurrence of hookworm disease, which can cause various complaints.

Frequent direct contact between the skin and soil that has been exposed to contamination, makes the children into a group that has a higher risk. Because they often play without using footwear.

Eating raw vegetables exposed to hookworm egg contamination can also lead to hookworm infections. This is related to how to wash vegetables that are not correct and not clean.

Possible Symptoms Appear
For those who have hookworm infection, the symptoms are not specific. However, some people who are exposed to hookworm infections may experience rashes and itching on the skin where the hookworm larvae enter.

Mine worms that enter the lungs, may cause symptoms of cough or sound when breathing (wheezing). It generally occurs several weeks after contact with the hookworm or worm egg.

In cases of hookworms that have been lodged in the intestine, the patient may experience diarrhea and experience other symptoms such as abdominal pain, heartburn, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, hives, until there is blood in the stool or dirt.

If the hookworm infection is severe, the patient may develop anemia. Anemia can occur because the worms attached to the intestine suck blood.

Another serious condition that can occur in patients with hookworm disease is malnutrition. Even in children, serious hookworm disease can affect mental development and experience growth disorders due to loss of iron and protein.

Examination and Drug Administration
If you have symptoms of hookworm disease, it is advisable to consult your doctor to find out which hookworm infection has occurred.

The doctor may suggest a stool or faecal examination, ie a stool examination in a laboratory using a microscope to find out how many hookworm eggs are present in the stool. The number of hookworm eggs contained in the stool, can be one reference how severe the worm infection suffered.

To treat hookworm disease, your doctor may recommend a worm or anthelminitic medication such as:

  • Albendazole
  • Ivermectin
  • Mebendazole

In patients with feces containing hookworm eggs exceeding 2,000 eggs in each gram of stool, may indicate that the patient has an anemic risk of hookworm disease. To overcome this, doctors may also recommend folic acid intake to help the formation of red blood cells. Iron supplements may also be recommended that iron intake can be sufficient.

To avoid hookworm disease, it is advisable to wear footwear, especially if walking on land that may be exposed to contamination. Washing vegetables or other foodstuffs also includes steps to reduce the risk of hookworm disease.

Amazing White Sofas On Sale – the Top Resource

Amazing White Sofas On Sale - the Top Resource

Amazing White Sofas On Sale – the Top Resource

What’s the Ideal From getting White Sofas On Sale in your living room? A lot of you will probably thing that using white colored materials will lead to trouble. Above it appears usually because of the tidiness and clearness. But this color may seem so much good if you want to view it deeply.

The function of The White Sofas On Sale is more than just casual sofa that attracts the interior room. But beyond that, the sofa that’s white colour can manage the tool to stay stand out. The sofa that’s big size can be the center without losing the existence of other stuff. Therefore, it is recommended to have.
White Sofas On Sale – Appearing Reputable Shop for White Sofas On Sale.

As you can see Creating individual White Sofas On Sale may rather look difficult. Therefore, the best solution to have this product is via online shop. Some of the shops offering furniture with top quality is IKEA, wall mart, and amazon. You can your white sofa IKEA with good price.

Going to the Shop Will give you with various models. It is possible to acquire various White Sofas On Sale from other material. You can go with wood sofa with white fabric since it’s the most favorite version. On the other hand, the version from stainless steel material that is observed from white sofa Walmart can be intriguing model for you too.

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White Sofas On Sale may be Highly recommended version you want to have on your room. This version, any models It has and materials, provides you very stunning look for your interior design.

Cooking Advice Anyone Can Put To Use

A whole lot of folks believe but some assert that cooking can be really a science, it’s a art form. Regardless of what your view, there is some thing that you may understand. You are going to be in the right path to become the chef that is optimal/optimally that possible, by obeying the advice below.

Be certain that you have the most by simply carrying it properly. The index finger and the thumb ought to be in the level at which it matches with with the grip, around both sides of the blade. When cutting elements this may definitely give the best in hands.

Make sure that you keep your utensils. Personally when blunt guarantee that all these are sharpened on the normal foundation an chef’s knife, so as an instance, is free of use for your requirements. When buying a chef’s knife appearance for you with quite a blade that is wide and long since this will definitely provide you greater hands and also chopping rate.

You may get rid of the smell out of your hands prior to washing them by rubbing against them. Garlic provides a flavor however, the odor could linger in your own own handson. You may relish your evening meal with no palms smelling of garlic.

Usually do not maintain your spices or herbs at an area which isn’t darkish and trendy. Keeping outside them exposes them to excess humidity and heat, that may cut back their shelf lifetime. If there is a beige set in a area with mild, its own own life is lengthy plus it’ll taste much better. Using spices that are fresher may create foods that are tastier.

In summary, learning to prepare is figuring out just how exactly to prevent meals and foods. All now, these advantage foods, have rate since their gain that is real that is solitary. Meals will overcome on them into charge and style. Generally in the majority of instances – with meals which aren’t particularly healthful – that the version will probably soon be more healthy compared to model that is packed.

Make sure is hot that it sears the exterior of this meat also keeps the juices all indoors when cooking a resepi ayam masak merah. This is going to get your beef taste excellent, because each one of the taste remains still sealed interior of their meat plus it’ll not be dry outside.

In the event that you’re likely to ensure it is in front of 15, make plenty of inventory. Make stock to ensure that the excess can freeze plus utilize it. Chicken inventory produces a amazing foundation for stews, soups, casseroles, and other dishes. Trendy it as soon as your inventory is completed and place it in freezer bags that are heavy.

This short article merely scratches the face of everything exactly is obtainable to know about cooking. If you pay attention your skills from your kitchen may soon improve. Family and your friends are guaranteed to appreciate and longer, they all may take pleasure in the foodstuff that you just simply create.

Cooking Tips For Your On The Go Lifestyle

If you operate in a food service business, or like cooking such as to experimentation with new recipes, cooking is an immense part of lots of people’s lifestyles. Read this short article to find out fresh cooking tips that can assist you in virtually any surroundings.

Prepare your ingredients, cookware, and utensils of start to cook in advance. Your time will likely be greatly reduced, when you do so and you will have less chance for error. Make sure that you remember to get the spices that you will need ready as well.

Oil is just one of one of the absolute most essential investments that you are able to create throughout the duration of one’s livelihood. Locate a premium quality brand of coconut oil and also put in this fixing to some range of foods. This oil will help bring out the taste in meat, fish and rice.

Make sure that you return back into the pan so that they can steam for the next ten minutes, after you have cooked mashed potatoes. This will allow to wash up whenever you’re applying your milk and butter so that you’re able to get yourself a texture.

Make sure you are keeping your spices. Many individuals store their spices right or near a source of light. To stay clean, set in dark and dry area that is cool. Humidity may damage spices thus maintain those several facets in mind.

Steak is only one usage with this particular specific seasoning. Sprinkle it or make use of the seasoning into scrambled eggs. Individuals might wonder just how you’ve managed to add such astounding taste to simple dishes.

Whenever you’re cooking add oil around the pan’s borders rather than onto the foodstuff. This also gives a possiblity until it reaches on the cooking food that’s in the exact middle of this pan to warm up to the oil. Sexy oil will even give you improved results and makes your dish taste far better.

Whenever you’re worn out never ever cook. You have to become alert whenever you’re cooking, to maximize your amount of protection, and also set you in the ideal place to generate superior food items. Anyway, you aren’t likely to enjoy the experience in case you feel exhausted.

After a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving or any occasion, don’t drop the leftovers. Simply take the leftovers, then cut them up, add a container and store in the freezer for future usage. This is going to keep the turkey longer or two fresh for a month, and also can be thawed to utilize within sandwiches, salads, sandwiches, and salads.

In the event you want to have perfectly cooked bacon that doesn’t flake out if you prepare it, then it need to soak in water. You should make sure to place the bacon in a cold pan since heat the pan can cause it to stand.

Possessing the capacity to cook is attractive to romantic partners plus seems to be very good. Set the hints present to create your cooking simpler than everbefore.

How To Download Facebook Videos

How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is the king of social networks, the place where most people live their virtual life and show them to the public. As well as one of the places on the Internet where there are more multimedia content as a whole, as one of the busiest. Millions of users visit Facebook every day, leaving photos, messages, comments and videos whether using mobile with Android and iOS, and PCs running Windows and others.

There are very interesting content on this social network, which for many has almost replaced the TV for information and entertainment jakartacopy. For this reason, users increasingly want to download Facebook videos so that they can bring social, social media events, and offline content to their PCs user, notebooks, or mobile devices. However, it is not easy to take video from the social network and rely on resources outside it.

To let you bring all the video content that you see on the web with you, once you’ve presented the guide on how to download YouTube videos, we’ll introduce you another useful guide to illustrate all the best ways to download Facebook videos.usually the 16 GB USB flash drives are the most used ones because they have the best value for money but there are so many.

How To Download Facebook Videos Facebook Mobile


This is the easiest way to download Facebook videos, without the need for applications, sites, or any other type of social network service. Simply use the mobile version of the social network, the one that is usually used by smartphones and tablets. By opening this version via PC, you will be able to unlock the option to automatically download Facebook videos in the context menu.

To do this you need to link to the version of the Facebook Mobile site by clicking on this link or simply adding m. Before That’s when it is enough to open any page where the video is located. You will then need to right-click on the video (or press and hold if you are using a touchscreen) to make the context menu appear, and then click Save Video As, select the folder and press Save. If you can not find the video on the mobile version of the social network, navigate to the video page in the PC version and the address URL on the address bar directly replaced by www with m.

The Color Symbolism In Photography Picture

The Color Symbolism In Photography Picture

Red It is the first color of the rainbow, it is the first color to which all peoples have given their names. Incase motion and activity, the red light in fact has the widest range of wavelengths and for this reason its vibrations can have a stimulating effect. Stimulates appetite and is used in restaurants in this regard; Symbol of heart and love, of dynamism and vitality, of passion and sensuality, of authority and pride.

Yellow the color of the solar character smiles multimedia, the idealist, the lighting. Refers to the radiosity that awakens and gives warmth. It pushes the movement and corresponds to a state of freedom and development. Symbol of the sun and of the gold and wisdom, belongs to the sphere of expansion, idealism and action. Yellow improves concentration and speed of metabolism. It also symbolizes warmth, cowardice, caution, fear.

Blue Blue is the color of the sky. The number one choice as introspective color. Blue makes the brain produce up to 11 chemical tranquilizers so it is an extremely calming color. It motivated people, increasing their energy. Production workers will work better in a blue room. It’s not a good color for hospitals.


Purple It’s the color of fantasy. Regality, intelligence, wealth, beauty, inspiration, sophistication, high rank, exaltation, excessive ornamental rhetoric.

Primary colors

Colors in the primary colors are defined as colors that can not be obtained by mixing other colors. The primary colors are yellow, blue and red.


Secondary colors

By mixing two primary colors, you get secondary colors

Yellow + red = orange
Yellow + blue = green
Red + blue = purple

Each pair of primary colors generates a secondary color. By making all combinations we get the 6 basic colors to which white and black are associated. All the other colors we know are nothing more than a more or less brilliant and more or less clear version of these colors.

The tertiary colors

By mixing a secondary color with adjacent primary color we get a tertiary color. Eg

Yellow + green = yellowish yellow
Yellow + orange = orange yellow
Red + orange = orange red
Red + purple = violet red
Blue + green = greenish green
Blue + violet = violet blue

The complementary colors

A complementary color of a given color is defined as opposite to the chromatic wheel

The complementary color of yellow is purple and vice versa;
The complementary color of red is green and vice versa;
The complementary color of the blue is orange and vice versa.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Have A Pool At Home

Why Is It A Good Idea To Have A Pool At Home

The pool has ceased to be just one more element in a spacious house, in fact they can also be the center of attention in smaller houses and no less cozy.

But as well as having decorative functions and offer benefits to our health, the installation of a swimming pool is a good investment, because it increases the value of our properties.

The design of the space in harmony


When you decide to install a swimming pool on the terrace of the house should pay attention to the style, design, which must be in harmony with the rest of the house and furniture. Through items such as plants and furniture, we can get the best combination to transmit the best decorative style to the pool.

Here we can see that the circular shapes dominate the environment of the terrace, starting from the pool, the path that leads into the house and the famous Acapulco-style chairs.

Without obstacles

The pool should be far from anything that might obstruct the radiation of sunlight, like the shadow of the house or the trees, which often can also affect on the dirt derived from the falling of the leaves.

A good distribution of spaces, such as hallways and solarium area, make the atmosphere comfortable and well organized.

Less is more

When space is limited, follow a minimalist trend may be the best choice to create balanced and harmonious environments.

Another great advantage is that you can get the most out of the available space, thanks to the lack of excesses that afflict them.

A swimming pool on the terrace

Although the idea of ??a pool is always very tempting, when you have small children at home, precautions should be your top priority. For example, the floor surrounding the pool must be of non-slip material to avoid falls. But more importantly it is important to take into account the importance of the depth of the pool.

There are wide varieties that are distinguished according to various depths (often, wanting, even progressive to meet also in adult users) and different water filling capacity.

To make the best decision, identify what are the real needs for your family situation.

Easier than ever

As regards the design of the pools, as we have seen, there are a wide variety of shapes, types, materials, coatings and certainly even size, making the installation or construction of them, much easier than a few years ago. Currently, rectangular and circular shapes are the favorite.

Travel Outback Australia

Australia is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. It is located within the driest facet of Australia. Australia is well known for cricket all over the world and it is one of the significant wine producing areas of earth.

In case you ever see Australia then please cease and realize the beautiful Lace Monitors and clearly possess a peek at several our birds that are attractive. Or if you’re thinking about studying in Australia, then you might also obtain a Student Visa. Australia is a massive place for a holiday. It’s a nation that presents a pure beauty that’s difficult to trust. Tropical north Australia is similar to any other location.

It’s supposed to be the significant diving and camping destination. You’ll also expect a desert parks move to travel by way of this area. Kakadu National park is one of the complete most of the most critical areas for the aboriginal individuals and one of the finest places to visit in Australia. It is one of the perfect community museums we have seen.

The lifestyle is rather fundamental which is quite excellent. You can devote a complete life residence in Australia rather than have the capability to observe every one of the wonderful areas this Nation provides. You’ve arrived in the suitable location. You may believe this can be an overwhelming endeavor, and that it is something that the Australian authorities should research.

There are lots of accessible solutions for you in Australia if you would like to come across some kangaroo searching for. In AJ’s Western Wear, you can anticipate to acquire superior customer care, premium excellent hard-to-find western wear at excellent prices, and a great delivery turnaround.

Internet shopping is fast, easy, and economical, and everyone else is getting involved. It has come to be quite secure, and there is no reason to be scared to purchase online. Whenever you’ve resolved to have a Australian vacation, another issue to consider would be to get your Australia visa. Moreover, there are a few fantastic luxury lodging that you stay in as you’re there.

In the event you decide to have been missing, the advice will make it easy for them to organise a hunt for you. To start with, sensible information about Australian Outback traveling is challenging to discover. Australian online shopping websites are all around the area. Australian-based online shopping websites now are increasingly popular lately.

Plus a visit to Mataranka to get a few days will provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable period to spend with your family. It is for the luxury rail tours provide the perfect alternative to driving. Even though it’s slow moving, the negative trip to Peake is well worthwhile. It will be a lengthy trip, however! The very best road trip is a safe and happy person.